Japanese home style cooking with miso soup


Miso is a fermented food made of soybeans, mulberry and salt. It is very good for the body.
Nagano Prefecture is the top producer and consumer of miso. If you visit Nagano prefecture, please try it!

A usual meal consists of a main of rice as the main with miso soup and side dishes. We eat fish, meat or beans with every meal. The typical eating style is to take turns eating all the dishes, so we can finish everything at the same time. Japanese children are taught this. The Japanese-style diet is recognised world-wide as a nutritionally balanced diet. Japanese food has been registered as a World Cultural Heritage.

Miso soup is

the most important dish!

Miso soup can be made with many different ingredients; vegetables, seaweed and beans. Miso soup supplements your nutritional intake (i.e. vitamins and protein).

Miso is an essential part of Japanese cuisine. It’s made by crushing steamed soybeans with Koji and salt, fermented and aged.

Soybeans have high nutritional value. We can further enhance this by fermenting them with koji, making it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients. In other words, miso is good for you.